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Business Trip Made Easy: Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Work Vacation

Penang was once a stagnant, quiet and laid-back habitat. However, it has successfully transformed into a much sought-after Location of Choice for Investors, Destination of Choice for Tourists and Habitat of Choice for Retirees. Today, Penang is one of the most progressive, dynamic and competitive states in Malaysia. Thus, having a business trip in Penang is very common! Today, we would like to share “Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Work Vacation”.


Top 5: To Have a Private and Relaxed Vacation

Everyone is looking for a private and relaxed vacation even he/she is on a business trip. Apart from the daytime tight schedule, it is an IDEAL plan to rent a car to visit around Penang. You might be amazed by the VARIED night life, SCRUMPTIOUS local food and BEAUTIFUL night scenery. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Travel during your free time would certainly REJUVENATE you even you’re on your business trip!



Top 4: To Have a Flexible Work Vacation

A busy itinerary is not an exception in a business trip. For instance, you might have to deal with your customers at various destinations at varied time. Thus, having your own car would definitely make your work vacation EASY! Renting a good car will GIVE YOU A PEACE OF MIND without worrying the long travel distance that makes you inconvenient. Be FLEXIBLE! Be SMART!



Top 3: To Have a Safe Trip    

During a business trip, you’ll always have to bring along some IMPORTANT documents or VALUABLE product samples. It is safer to locate those belongings in a private car rather than in a public bus. Hence, as a SMART businessman, you won’t wish to risk your SIGNIFICANT stuffs. Keep the CONFIDENTIAL documents well with you in a car for the next work vacation!



TOP 2: To Save Time       

TIME IS MONEY! Having a long list of customers to deal with is not something new in a business vacation. Hustle here and there using public transportation is never a good idea. You will have to arrange your itinerary according to the bus schedule which is inflexible. Moreover, you will get chances to be LATE as well! Be PUNCTUAL is the key to success. Drive your own car, reach on the right time!



TOP 1: To Save Cost

Using a rental car will be cheaper than using a GRAB or MULA for you to hustle around various points. When you’re on a business trip with a group of people, renting a car is surely a GOOD BARGAIN! In this competitive industry, various car rental companies exist to provide the BEST and CHEAPEST services. You may select the type of car that you find it the most comfortable at an affordable price.


Planning for a business trip? RENT A CAR now to make your trip EASY!