Solo Travel in Malaysia: Reasons to Travel in Malacca

Solo travel is prevalent nowadays. Malaysia might be one of the best choices as it is safe, peaceful and affordable. Today, MySuperVIP would like to share with you where to start your very first solo travel in Malaysia. 

Malacca is a state in Malaysia located in the southern region of the Malay Penisular, next to the Straits of Malacca. It is well-known as “The Historic State”. If you’re a traveller who appreciates history a lot, Malacca would be your top-pick holiday getaway. Let’s find out the reasons to begin your solo travel in Malacca.

Reason 1: The Destinations are Clustered

The travel destinations in Malacca are really clustered! More than ten destinations are within walking distance from each other. If you’re a first-time solo traveller, Malacca would be your top choice as it minimises the challenges to find transportation. Moreover, it also saves your pennies as you don’t have to rely on the private charter.

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Reason 2: A Wide Array of Food is Easily Accessible

Malacca is another food paradise in Malaysia. It is a hotpotch of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. There must be at least a type of cuisine that suits you there. If you’re a foodie, that would be so great! You’re able to try a wide variety of food without spending much in the historical city of Malacca. 

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@Dominic Sky – Nyonya Cuisine

Reason 3: A Wide Variety of Travel Destinations

Are you bored of the typical shopping tour? Go to Malacca. There are a wide variety of travel destinations that will widen your horizon. Appreciating historical buildings, going for a river cruise, hand-making souvenirs, visiting the museums, and more! The historical city is small but rich of various destinations.

These are the three reasons for you to visit Malacca as a solo traveller. In the next article, MySuperVIP would share with you a super itinerary to ease your tour in Malacca. Stay tuned!