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The Hidden Art Market – Calanthe Artisan Loft

Do you like art-making? Art-making is a fun and rewarding activity for people to express themselves and to develop a broad range of skills. Sometimes, it is one of the leisure activities that soothes your soul; sometimes, it is a stop that enables you to produce a handmade gift that is filled with love.

Today, MySuperVIP would like to introduce a hidden art market in Malacca – Calanthe Artisan Loft. Personally, I love it! It is located at the central of Malacca. If you have an opportunity to visit Malacca, you may drop by the hidden art market to handmake a gift or to buy a ready handmade gift. All the accessories in Calanthe Artisan Loft are the one and only which are so unique.

@Dominic Sky – The Outlook of Calanthe Artisan Loft

Well, art-making is so difficult if you have no art sense? NO. In Calanthe Artisan Loft, every person is an artist. There, you might be able to know one (or two) professional artist that guides you step-by-step to produce your own masterpiece. Well, step-by-step professional guidance would be expensive then? NO. In Calanthe Artisan Loft, the available workshop is affordable.

@Dominic Sky – Calanthe Artisan Loft

What would you able to experience in Calanthe Artisan Loft? You are able to handmake various accessories such as earring, necklace, ring, key chain, scarf, shirt… The workshop starts from RM 10. Yeah~ It’s super affordable and reasonable. Of course, you’re also able to choose your own materials for your masterpiece. There is a wide range of available materials for selection. The fee of RM 10 (and RM 20 or more) is inclusive of the random selection of the materials as well as the tools. No hidden fees.

@Dominic Sky – Materials in Calanthe Artisan Loft
@Dominic Sky – Materials in Calanthe Artisan Loft

If you’re with a team of people, you may also book a workshop in advance. For example, they offer paper-making workshop, tapestry weaving basic workshop, wood craving workshop and more. If you’re with your one or two travel buddy, you might just pay a visit. For art-making, it is suggested that you have at least one hour there. For shopping, fifteen-minutes would probably be sufficient.

That’s all for today’s introduction to Calanthe Artisan Loft. It is a perfect place for art-making if you’re looking a reasonable, step-by-step, and heart-soothing workshop. It is suitable for couple if you wish to have a new spice in your life. Of course, it is also suitable for family as it is kid-friendly. MySuperVIP doesn’t charge any fee to introduce the hidden art market. I introduce it just because I love it.

Calanthe Artisan Loft, the place that I wish to go again, and again.

@Dominic Sky – Calanthe Artisan Loft

Calanthe Artisan Loft
Link: Facebook
Contact: 019-355 9829

Did you have any hidden art market to recommend? Where? Share your secret with me in the comments!

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