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The Hidden Riverside Cafe: Firefly Jetty Cafe

Once in a while, we wish to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. How about chilling out at a quiet riverside cafe?
Situated right next to the Kerian River, Firefly Jetty Cafe is a perfect place to have a sumptuous meal while enjoying the river breeze and view.

Modified from the Original Image by Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)

Although it’s located in a quaint and small town of Nibong Tebal, it features a full menu of food influenced by western’s cooking. At the same time, it also offers some local dishes. For example, it has chicken chop, fish and chip or grilled salmon, pasta, rice and finger food.
Well, all the food is moderately priced and instagrammable!
To check the menu out, please click here.

@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)
Pasta in Black
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)
Tomyam Fried Rice, Tumeric Fried Rice, Black Pepper Chicken Rice, Orange Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Rendang Chicken Rice
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)
Tuna Croissant
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)

Alright! I also have a not-so-secret tip for you. If you’re a coffee lover, please don’t miss their unique slow drip iced coffee.

Slow Drip Iced Coffee
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)

Apart from delicious food, Firefly Jetty Cafe also offers a wide range of hot and cold beverages.

Hot Beverage
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)

OMG! Posting a list of of their food makes me craving like crazy!
There’s a worthwhile point to be mentioned: The cafe fulfils every type of demand: Romantic couple date, sweet family outing, exciting friend gathering and quiet self-reflection.
Firefly Jetty Cafe is also open for in-house celebration or catering.

Okay. One last tip from me! If you happen to turn up at the cafe on Saturday night, you would be probably surprised by a live band performance! Okay! I think I have one more tip! Firefly Jetty Cafe is also the jetty that offers rare tourist attraction – firefly watching.

Live Band Performance
@Firefly Jetty Cafe (Facebook)

How much do I prefer the cafe? I’ve been there for a couple of times with my friends and boyfriend. It’s definitely the best place to enjoy a cup of coffee (Okay. I don’t drink coffee. For me, a cup of chocolate) and have a slow talk.

The Riverside View (To prove that I was there)
@Confession of a Travelling Freak

That’s all for today’s confession. I hope you have a great time browsing through my not-so-secret diary.
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Firefly Jetty Cafe
Opening Hours: 1200 – 2300 (Wednesday to Monday)
Address: Jeti Kelip-kelip Nibong Tebal, Jalan Pasar Lama, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang.
Facebook: Click Me!
Reservation: Call 011-5988 5693