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Five Ways to Satisfy Your Fernweh When You Stay at Home

Millions of people have to cancel their fantastic travel plan due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, more than sixty airlines are fully shut down. Are you one of the “victims”? Dear VIPs, please do not get disappointed. Today, the travelling freak is going to make a confession by revealing five ways to satisfy your fernweh even though you have to stay at home for this critical period. Worry not, MySuperVIP is with you!

1. Create a Travel Bucket List

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A quarter of 2020 just passed. For the coming three months, most of us would probably be still restricted by Movement Control Order in various countries. Well, you will still have another half year to fuel your wanderlust by travelling. By July, you may enjoy your summer vacation (hopefully)! Afraid of the hot weather? Then, let’s go for autumn vacation! For now, you may choose to create a bucket list entitled “Summer Travel Bucket List” or “Autumn Travel Bucket List”. Remember to consider about your budget when you are filling up your bucket list.

2. Have a Series of Throwbacks!

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Were you too busy to organise your travel album? It’s the right time now. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to organise your images is uploading them to Google Drive. At the same time, you are able to revisit the past and feel the nostalgia. Well, you may also upload one or two or more images to your Instagram with a great throwback’s caption.

3. Follow Travel Accounts on Instagram

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One of my favourite daily routines is to browse through travel accounts on Instagram. I think most of us know “Follow Me To Couple”, right? I happen to love them so much! This Moscow based couple’s Instagram account exploded after they put up a series of pictures of Natalia leading Murad in unique spots around the world. What are the benefits of visiting travel accounts? They always give me instinct for my travel photos as well as destinations.
If you like Follow Me To Couple, you may follow Murad at @muradosmann

4. Pick Up Travel Photography Skills

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Movement Control Order might be a gift of time from the God, if you make full use of the time at home. Alright, VIPs! It’s time for us to pick up a skill. Photography and travel could never be separated. So, one of the useful skills to learn is travel photography. With the free access of data offered by various telco companies, you may now learn anything from our Mr. Google and Mr. YouTube.

5. Read Travel Books

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One last way to satisfy your fernweh would be reading a list of travel books. Reading opens the world of possibilities. Yea! It’s right. Good books will make us feel the excitement as well as expand our horizon. So, why not? Paris for One by Jojo Moyes appears to be one of my favourite travel books that filled with a girl’s adventure and love in Paris.

There are many ways to fuel our wanderlust at home. Remember, it’s not the time to travel yet. Let’s abide by the MCO and pray for the quick end for COVID-19.
Lastly, enjoy your time at home by trying various new activities. Share with me your experiences too!
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