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Adopt an Animal in Malaysia: Support Zoo Tourism and Love Wildlife

Calling for the wildlife lovers!

The National Zoo (or Zoo Negara) is urgently calling the people to adopt a friend in the zoo. You probably don’t know that Zoo Negara is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society, which is a non-governmental organisation. Its main incomes are usually from the ticket sales and donations from individuals, schools and corporate companies.

Unfortunately, 5137 specimens in the zoo are badly affected due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. Thus, all the animals are up for adoption. Well, you don’t have to adopt all of them. You may help Zoo Negara adopt one by maintaining its annual food, enrichment and veterinary care.

There are four adoption packages altogether. You (and your family/ partner) may select one of the packages that fit your financial ability. In return, the sponsors (you) will get an e-certificate of adoption stating your selected animal and more! Cool, right?! In fact, “Adopt an Animal” campaign is widely implemented by the zoos around the world to raise revenue that will be used to maintain the well-being of the wildlife. As a citizen of Malaysia, we shall do our part to protect the wildlife when our National Zoo is in the midst of hardship. At the same time, our children will learn about the importance of these exotic wildlife too. Hopefully, our next generation will be still able to visit all the wildlife there.

An example of e-certificate.

If you’re planning to adopt one of the animals like Samba the lion, Flash the leopard, Kayla the tiger, Sibol the elephant, Omi the raccoon, Choki the Orang Utan, Yi Yi the Panda and more:
1. Please visit Get Involved – Adopt Our Animals for more information.
2. You may straightaway call the Public Relations & Marketing Department at +603-41083422/7/8 or email them at
If you couldn’t wait for the replies from Zoo Negara within a short while, it’s okay, as there are too many inquiries.
3. Alternatively, you may do the transaction to Malaysian Zoological Society at 514422103830 (Maybank) with a minimum of RM 50. After a successful transaction, please email the proof of payment to for your e-certificate.
4. Check “Adopt an Animal” at ticket2u by clicking here.
(Update: Zoo Negara Malaysia has opened another channel to ease the process of adoption where I see many of my friends have done it.)

After the MCO, you may gain the opportunity to visit your “friend/ son/ daughter” in Zoo Negara.

No worries, Zoo Negara is no longer the one that you think the animals are kept in the cages. They are working to make sure that the old zoo concept is changed entirely. So, let’s support them!

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