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Cuti-Cuti Penang with 50% Off: Travel as a Local

Howdy, friends! Today, the travelling freak is going to make a great confession. It’s Cuti-Cuti Penang with 50% off. Sound exciting, right? Let’s understand about the campaign before introducing the destinations.

Penang has just launched a campaign named “Penang-Lang 50 Percent Off”. It literally means “half price discount for the Penang citizens”. The campaign is organised by The Penang Tourist Attractions Association (ATAP) to stimulate the state’s economy and to rebuild the tourism industry which have been badly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now, let’s look at the participating attractions. Let’s go!

1. The Habitat Penang Hill

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🌲 The Habitat Penang Hill (升旗山森林步道) 📍 Jalan Stesen, Bukit Bendera Air Itam, 11500 Penang, Pulau Pinang, 馬來西亞 🕘 營業時間: 每日 09:00 ~ 19:00 💳 票價: 🌐 官網: 🏝行程網誌: ••• 📜 Story The Habitat Penang Hill, a nature reserve located in Penang Hill, has a history of 130 million years. Since it was separated from the Penang Hill cable car, you had to buy a separate ticket. Among them, Tree Top Walk (Tree Top Sky Walk) is very recommended, and you can see beautiful scenery here. It is recommended that you can make an appointment for a guided tour. There will be a dedicated tour guide. The tour guide will take about 1 to 2 hours. During the tour guide, you can hear a lot of knowledge about tropical flora and fauna, as well as the historical stories here. The Habitat Penang Hill,是位於升旗山的自然保護區,擁有 1.3 億年的歷史。由於他是跟升旗山纜車分開,必須還要另外購票。其中,Tree Top Walk (樹頂天空步道) 更是推薦,在天空步道這裡可以看到很美的風景。 推薦可以預約導覽,會有一個專屬導覽人員,全程大約 1~2 小時,過程中可以聽到很多熱帶動植物的知識,還有這裡的歷史故事,蠻值得也蠻推薦的。 ••• #explorepenang #malaysiatrulyasia #tourismmalaylsia #traveldreamseekers #lifewetravelled #travelblogger #malaysiatravelresorts #dametraveller #discovermalaysia #malaysiatravel #instadaily #instagood #malaysiatraveller #ilovepenang #penanghill #Malaysia #Penang #tripadvisor #travel #penangmalaysia #馬來西亞 #檳城 #檳城景點 #馬來西亞景點 #升旗山 #喬治市 #自由行 #打卡景點 #網美景點 #travelseanmalaysia

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Usual Ticket Price: RM 55 – RM 160 (Many packages are available, please click here)

2. Monkey Cup Penang Hill

Usual Ticket Price: RM 12 (Adult) and RM 6 (Kid)

3. The Owl Museum Penang Hill

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Are you owlright? #owl #owllover

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Usual Ticket Price: RM 20 (Adult) (Inclusive of The Camera Museum Penang Hill)

4. The Camera Museum Penang Hill

Usual Ticket Price: RM 20 (Adult) (Inclusive of The Owl Museum Penang Hill)

5. The Top Penang

Usual Ticket Price: RM 48 – RM 78 ( Two packages are available, please click here)

6. Tech Dome Penang

Usual Ticket Price: RM 28 (Many packages are available, please click here)

7. Dark Mansion-3D Glow in The Dark Museum

Usual Ticket Price: RM 25

8. Penang Hop On Hop Off

Usual Ticket Price: RM 45 (To check the route, please click here)

9. Penang Bird Park

Usual Ticket Price: RM 38

10. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Usual Ticket Price: RM 49

11. Tropical Spice Penang

Usual Ticket Price: RM 15 – 25

12. TeddyVille Museum Penang

Usual Ticket Price: RM 36

13. Audi Dream Farm

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: 三八婦女節 ✨

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Usual Ticket Price: RM 7

It’s a WOW list of attractions! As you may see, it’s a mix of outdoor and indoor attractions. Moreover, they’re all kid-friendly which is suitable for a family outing.
Penangites, let’s stimulate our own state economy and build the tourism industry together. We welcome Malaysians from other states and international friends too!
Please comment how many attractions that you’ve been to. Alternatively, you may share with me which is the destination that you wish to go to the most after the COVID-19 outbreak.

The date of promotion is valid until 15 May 2020. Let’s see if there is any extension due to MCO.
Update: The date of promotion is extended until 31 December 2020! Yipee!
Penangites only have to show their MyKad to be eligible for the discount with the state code 07, 34 and 35 or a Penang address. Remember to hashtag #Cuti-Cuti Penang.

If you like the article, please share it with your friends too! In the next few articles, we shall look at the itinerary that includes the attractions with 50% off. Stay tuned!
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