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Travel as a Local: Exploring the Spectacular Penang Hill

My dear readers, apa khabar? Here comes the first “episode” of Travel as a Local – Exploring the Spectacular Penang Hill! Last time, the travelling freak promised to reveal several itineraries that include the attractions with 50% off. If you would like to learn more about Cuti-Cuti Penang, please visit here.

Penang Hill (Malay: Bukit Bendera) is a hill resort consisting a group of peaks in Penang Island. It offers an IMPRESSIVE AND BREATHTAKING view of Penang. Apart from the panoramic views, we may immerse ourselves in the lush greenery as we will find diverse flora and fauna. Now, let’s check the destinations out together!

1. Experience the Longest Funicular Train Ride in Asia

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Every Saturday we will post nice scenery photo of Penang. Please follow our hashtag #penangview so you don't miss any of them. Feel free to tag us 👉 👈 and use #ilovepenang in your post so we can feature your photo/video as well.⁣⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Setiap hari Sabtu, kami akan memuatnaik foto pemandangan di Pulau Pinang dengan menggunakan hashtag #penangview. Jika anda nak kami memaparkan foto anda, sila tag kami 👉 👈 dan menggunakan hashtag #ilovepenang dalam gambar anda.⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁠ 每星期六我们都会分享一些槟城风景的照片。 请关注我们的 #penangview 的标签。如果您也想我们分享您的风景照,请tag我们的帐户 👉 👈 进入您的照片和使用 #ilovepenang 标签。⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁠ ஒவ்வொரு சனிக்கிழமையும் நாங்கள் பினாங்கின் அழகான இயற்கைக்காட்சி புகைப்படத்தை வெளியிடுவோம். #penangview எனும் hashtag- ஐ பின்தொடருவதோடு 👉 👈 -க்கு tag செய்யவும்.மேலும் #ilovepenang எனும் hashtag- ஐ உங்கள் பதிவுகளில் பயன்படுத்துவதன் மூலம் புகைப்படம் / காணொலியை நாங்கள் பெற்றுக்கொள்ள முடியும்.⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁠ 📷 credit: @huangqilun .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ .⁣⁠ #untuknegerikita #penangviews #view #scenery #scene #funicular #funiculartrain #train #hikingtrail #hilltop #penanghill #hill #bukitbendera #升旗山 #georgetown #penang #pulaupinang #槟城 #malaysia #visitpenang

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There are many ways to get up to the peak of Penang Hill, such as driving, hiking or taking a funicular train. It’s highly recommended to take a funicular train to experience the world steepest funicular tunnel track.

*Tips: To avoid the crowd, take the funicular train ride during off peak periods, either on a weekday or non-public holiday in the late afternoon.

To purchase your tickets, please click here.

2. Visit the Historical Landmarks

Being a colonial state in the past, Penang Hill is the oldest British Hill Station in Southeast Asia. The oldest building, Bel Retiro, brings you all the way back to 1789 where you may expect to appreciate old but well-preserved British colonial and Asian architectural landmarks up on the hill.

*Tips: You may explore other heritage landmarks such as Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan Hindu Temple, Penang Hill Mosque, the 250-year-old cannon as well as a colonial era post box nestled along one of the nature trails.

3. Appreciate Flora and Fauna at Monkey Cup

Spend some time to appreciate the lush greenery at Monkey Cup. There, you may see plenty of exotic plants such as ancient tree ferns and cycads that have existed since the Jurassic period. Cool, right?! Remember to keep your eyes and ears open for pleasant surprises as the little animals and plants often appear unexpectedly.

To check your tickets, please click here.

4. Chill at the Highest Cafe in Penang – Kopi Hutan

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Enjoy life sip by sip, not gulp gulp gulp ☕️

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Tucked away in Monkey Cup at Penang Hill, Kopi Hutan is the highest cafe in Penang. Another cool relax spot, right?! Kopi Hutan is a quiet outdoor cafe amidst the tranquil rainforest that lets you catch your breath and relax with some nice coffee. It’s the best chilling spot for those who feel stressed, disconnected, and need an instant natural recharge of your battery.

5. Explore The Habitat Penang Hill

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🌲 The Habitat Penang Hill (升旗山森林步道) 📍 Jalan Stesen, Bukit Bendera Air Itam, 11500 Penang, Pulau Pinang, 馬來西亞 🕘 營業時間: 每日 09:00 ~ 19:00 💳 票價: 🌐 官網: 🏝行程網誌: ••• 📜 Story The Habitat Penang Hill, a nature reserve located in Penang Hill, has a history of 130 million years. Since it was separated from the Penang Hill cable car, you had to buy a separate ticket. Among them, Tree Top Walk (Tree Top Sky Walk) is very recommended, and you can see beautiful scenery here. It is recommended that you can make an appointment for a guided tour. There will be a dedicated tour guide. The tour guide will take about 1 to 2 hours. During the tour guide, you can hear a lot of knowledge about tropical flora and fauna, as well as the historical stories here. The Habitat Penang Hill,是位於升旗山的自然保護區,擁有 1.3 億年的歷史。由於他是跟升旗山纜車分開,必須還要另外購票。其中,Tree Top Walk (樹頂天空步道) 更是推薦,在天空步道這裡可以看到很美的風景。 推薦可以預約導覽,會有一個專屬導覽人員,全程大約 1~2 小時,過程中可以聽到很多熱帶動植物的知識,還有這裡的歷史故事,蠻值得也蠻推薦的。 ••• #explorepenang #malaysiatrulyasia #tourismmalaylsia #traveldreamseekers #lifewetravelled #travelblogger #malaysiatravelresorts #dametraveller #discovermalaysia #malaysiatravel #instadaily #instagood #malaysiatraveller #ilovepenang #penanghill #Malaysia #Penang #tripadvisor #travel #penangmalaysia #馬來西亞 #檳城 #檳城景點 #馬來西亞景點 #升旗山 #喬治市 #自由行 #打卡景點 #網美景點 #travelseanmalaysia

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Never miss the most famous spot, The Habitat, when you visit to Penang Hill nowadays. There are many things for you to do at this spot. For example, playing on the giant swing, taking a flight on the Colugo Zipline, stepping on the one and only Tree Top Walk, having a Langur Way Canopy walk… and more!

*The tickets are slightly more expensive than the other destinations, but you will get the most unique experiences here. Shhhh. In order to get 50% off, visit The Habitat on the first Sunday of every month.

To purchase your tickets, please click here.

6. Drop by The Owl Museum and The Camera Museum

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Are you owlright? #owl #owllover

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Grab a ticket where you may visit two museums! It happens only here. It’s a perfect place if you’re either an owl-lover or photophile. Spend about an hour time to appreciate the special exhibition here.

To check your tickets, please click here.

7. Dine at David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace

The highest restaurant in Penang, David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace, would always be one of the best choices for couples to dine in. Being a quintessential British colonial restaurant and tea terrace, it serves the excellent British meals with a variety of Penang’s specialties to choose from. Well, it’s slightly expensive than the usual restaurants as it offers the fine dining experience here.

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Penang Hill is a MUST visit attraction in your lifetime. It’s a perfect destination that blends the nature, scenic views, historical landmarks, unique museums and great food. You may visit Penang Hill with your family, boyfriend/ girlfriend, friends or even yourself. Just tailor your itinerary according to your preferences and budget.

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